Cynthia the Invincible

The Berkshire Lady

The Girl in the Machine

Katherine's Choice

The French Orphan

To Court a Dragon

Miss Devere


Nightlife in Atlanta

Murder on G-Deck

Ask Not for Whom the Panther Prowls

A Designing Woman

production dropped. Codes, ciphers and steam. Can Amanda, a born engineer, find something better than steam engines? She finds out once she's recruited to help break the difficult ciphers the nefarious French are using to hide Napoleon's secrets.

The Art of Deception

the art of deception prototype cover
Amelia Treader & R. Harrison The link points to the start of a weekend writing warriors installment series.

In Production A spy story set in the dangerous times just before Trafalgar when the French might invade at any moment. Also a commedy of errors, of manners and love.