Illegal Aliens

Cynthia the Invincible


The Girl in the Machine

The Berkshire Lady

Katherine's Choice

A spy story. An early work.

The French Orphan

A spy story and the sequel to Katherine's choice. An Early work.

The Curious Profession of Dr. Craven

Curious profession of dr craven book cover

Once in booktrope, now re-released with the original cover and the first book we both took credit (or blame) for.

Miss Devere

Miss DeVere Cover

This is a re-release of an older work

Murder on G-Deck

Ask Not for Whom the Panther Prowls

To Court a Dragon

Nightlife in Atlanta

Nightlife in Atlanta Cover

Be kind, this is the first book we wrote. Vampires at a major university - which can not be named - in Atlanta