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Coarse mouthed, hard drinking and bound only by the laws of physics, the space pirate, Cynthia the Invincible is on the run with from the alien Cataxi. Stranded in Earth's dim prehistory when a lucky shot on her ship destroys the jump unit, she has to learn to deal with a whole new world. Marooned in 1810 and forced to hide while the ship tries to repair itself, she needs to rely on her wits. Since she enjoys playing the computer game "Jane Austen World" she hides in Regency England.

She finds that real life in the Regency is different from the game. Especially when it comes to love. Living in the Regency poses many novel challenges for her. Mundane things like eating real food rather than the ship's synthetics or learning to ride a horse with a mind of her own pose obstacles that she must learn to overcome. Others are subtle, such as the withdrawal from the drugs that allow her to conquer the long times required for interstellar travel, even with a jump drive. Even the process of learning to live with other people rather than alone in a small ship can cause problems. Especially when she faces the moral quandary of whether to use her advanced survival technology to save a friend's life. Even worse, one of the less pleasant alien species is trying to alter Earth's history to eliminate the competition.

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